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Vande Bharat Browser aka VB Browser – Presenting to you a UC Browser Alternative

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In a country like India, You can dig out a big well of innovations and discoveries that will let you shrink in thought about its invention. In India, there are thousands of MNC’s working around from various countries. Some companies provide food outlets, some are IT sectors and some textiles and so are their boxes in the digital world. But, people in India have always tried their hand in making substitutes for all the products and services that we somehow borrow form others.

Vande Bharat Browser is one of the achievements that the country has granted during the time of this pandemic situation. VB browser is an app that is created by the India-based companies Digi globes and SR Globes for the people of the country. It can be considered as a big replacement for UC Browser after it is banned in India. VB Browser is an Indian app made by the Indian engineers and technicians who have invented the internet browser ‘VB Browser’ app that can be downloaded from the google play store.

In this article, we are going to describe the newly launched Indian app ‘VB Browser’ which is Vande Bharat Browser. We will describe all the features of the app and the content that they provide to the users. Also, you will get to know the reason why this app launched in India and why it is considered as the substitute of the UC browser app in India.

Why UC Browser has banned in India

For the last few months when a huge world pandemic has spread all over the countries. In India, there was not only the coronavirus that has created a huge problem from the neighboring country China but India and China have also faced many other disputes.

In the last few months, India and China are having some border disputes. Therefore, there was huge aggression amongst the Indian people against China.

Basically, there was a stand-off at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Ladakh region with the Chinese People Liberation Army(PLA). So, due to this ongoing dispute with China, the government of India took a decision to ban around 59 Chinese apps in India. UC Browser is one of the main apps that is banned in the country.

Although, there is a huge challenge for the officials after so many Chinese apps were banned suddenly overnight. UC Browser was widely popular among Indian users. And it was difficult for the users as a huge number of the population was using it regularly. This had a huge impact on the market and economy of the country.

About Vande Bharat Browser

During the time when there was a huge collapse in the market, there are some Indian companies that came ahead for the country. Vande Bharat browser is completely an Indian app that has been made to provide a proper substitute for the UC browser in the market after its ban in India. Vande Bharat (VB Browser) is a secure app that will keep your data safe without any false doing with the data of the users.

The main reason behind the launch of the new national app VB Browser is that the popular UC browser was banned by the Indian government as it is one of the Chinese apps.  There were some security recommendations of the intelligence agencies that these Chinese apps can be a threat to the user’s data and the country’s security. Also, many concerns were raging related to data security and safeguarding the privacy of more than 120 crore Indian users. Therefore, VB Browser is launched to safeguard the sovereignty and security of India

Who has Launched Vande Bharat Browser?

Vande Bharat browser is purely an Indian app that you can use in India. VB Browser is not only a replacement for the Chinese app UC Browser. The VB browser is founded by the two companies based in Uttar Pradesh, India. These companies are Digi globes and SR globes who have created the VB browser app for Indian users. The app is made by the youth of the country and their main goal is to secure the data of the people within their country.

VB browser is made to prevent happenings of data-stealing by many Chinese apps being banned in India. VB Browser is a national and Indian app that is launched to replace the UC browser. Therefore, it is designed and functions the same as the UC browser. Moreover, there are many other advanced features that have also been added to the newly launched VB Browser app.

You can download the newly launched Indian app ‘Vande Bharat’ (VB) Browser from the google play store. It is available in the play store.

Features of VB Browser

VB Browser is a truly Indian app and considered as a UC Browser Alternative. It is the proper substitute for the Chinese app UC Browser that is now banned in India. VB Browser is launched in India with the encouragement of the ‘Vocal for Local’ movement initiated by Honorable PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

VB Browser has many additional qualities also that can be very useful for Indian users. The best quality of the Vande Bharat browser is that it does not store any kind of data. This means that all the information and data that you use on this browser is completely safe. Hence, any information will not likely to be leaked at any point.

The list of various features of VB Browser is given below:

  • Fast-Speed Browsing– You can now browse with a super-fast web browsing speed at your device and also you can download the data with high speed without any buffering. This is one of the main features of VB Browser.


  • App Customization– The most reasonable part of VB Browser is that gives you a special setting feature of personalization. You can now change & set up the default font size, manage the cache, take screenshots, change to desktop view, and also it allows you to take screenshots in incognito mode.


  • Private Browsing– VB browser allows its users to have a Private browsing experience. It means that it does not allow the web to save any credentials. Also, users may take a screenshot even in incognito private browsing mode.


  • Latest News Feed– VB Browser provides you the feature of latest news on home screen anytime in regional language (Hindi). You will receive the notifications of the news feed that will keep you update with all the latest news of all National & International events.


  • Blocking the Popups– Our VB Browser allows you to close the notifications and unnecessary pop-ups that sometimes irritates the users while browsing. Creating a safe browsing environment is our main goal. You will be given an option in the settings from where you can turn off or block any pop ads.


  • Available in less space – VB browser is not a very heavy app that occupies big space in your device storage. Although, it is very light and just occupies 10MB that is a very low space for the device storage.


  • Safe & Secure Browsing– VB Browser provides you the safest browsing feature. Aso, it helps you to block malicious and harmful sites and to protect your devices.


  • Support Zoom Feature– You can also apply the zoom feature to zoom in the webpage and also change the font size according to your convenience. You can enable and disable zoom anytime.


These are the features of the newly launched Indian app ‘Vande Bharat Browser’ that you can use as an alternative of the popular Chinese app ‘UC Browser. VB Browser has more interesting features than the UC browser that is now b

However, I do understand a lot can be done to improve the view. Stay Tuned, This app is young and surely we gonna improve on UI and update it soon. Appreciate your feedback buddy!

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